yatoyamata: a fanventure made by some peple

i am one of the peples! maybe…

Fight [IDLE] Poses: These are old sketches of things already sprited a while ago (one of which can be seen in an old screenshot).

In the meantime, we might use this blog as a development blog since everyone’s schedules are starting to free up for a while due to the holidays.

= = = = = = = = = = = = =

We know it’s been a while but, after finally reaching G-Rank (jk), we’re considering going back to this project sometime soon. Work will most likely be a little slower since everyone’s gotten much busier as of late, as well as the fact that some of us are working on other personal projects. 

Thank you all for your patience, and we hope to show off more progress soon!

gaygoatboy: Did you guys die? Did you guys go got tiger if you did?

Ah, sorry, we just went to hibernate for a little while (worked on other projects)! But, we are going to come back to this.



Version Française / French Version

Bonjour, c’est votre Deekay qui vous parle. Malheureusement nous n’avons aucune information à vous communiquer au sujet de l’Acte 2 étant donné que le développement s’est déroulé plutôt lentement (nous travaillons sur ça et un autre projet, le tout en procrastinant). Cependant, nous avons quelque chose d’autre à vous annoncer.

Ces derniers mois, Saurus a travaillé dur sur une version complètement en français de l’Acte 1 de DesireDriven. Dès maintenant, le téléchargement de cette traduction est maintenant disponible en cliquant sur l’image en question sur le site. Nous espérons que vous vous amuserez bien!

Nous espérons aussi que vous aurez l’occasion de jouer aux futurs projets des SAXMASTERZ, étant donné l’Acte 1 n’est pas l’unique chose que nous souhaitons compléter.


Hello, this is your Deekay speaking. Unfortunately we don’t have anything we’d like to share on Act 2 at the moment as progress has been fairly slow (we’re working on this and another project, while also being very, very lazy) However we do have something else we’d like to announce in the meantime.

For the past few months, Saurus has been working hard on a complete French overhaul of DesireDriven Act 1. As of today, the download for this translation can now be played by clicking the download button on the main site. We hope you enjoy this! 

We also hope you look forward to future projects from SAXMASTERZ, as Act 1 is not the only thing we wish to complete.

thelasthappygoth: i just found your game and i fell in love (yes squees where heard) i realy do look forward to an act 2 you guys rock

Thanks! Unfortunately, we all got Monster Hunter, so progress lately has been pretty slow. But we’re sure it’ll speed up once we all hit G-Rank!!

derxwnakapsyla: I'm not really sure where to direct this question, but I figured this was the best place to ask. I'm working on my own game in RPG Maker, and I have people who want to help. While I'd love for them to help, I have one issue - having multiple people working on the project in different areas then sending it back to me for compiling together. Since DDriven was more than a 1 person project, how did you all handle having multiple people working on it?

First, we would brainstorm everything in a group chat (which is easy, since our group is made up of close friends), Captainski would organize the plot, Kuma would help fact-check, Nathan would help expand on certain character’s personalities, and Deekay would help translate it into a gameflow. We also had members of the team work on art and other resources. When we had all that done we had the programmer (Deekay) event a scenario in Pepspeak, then we’d send it over to have the Pepspeak translated into actual dialogue (Captainski). Then we’d send to other members of the team to have them bug test/proofread. We repeated these steps untill the game was completed.

Examples of untranslated Pepspeak dialogue:

usducktape: Is there a resource for all the sprites in the game? I really want to make a cap'n beadwork.

Sorry for the late response! We’re planning on holding off on posting the resources of the game for quite some time (possibly even long after the release of Act 2) But in the meantime, you can have this basic sheet of the main protagonists:

vhaltz: I signed up to Tumblr only because of you guys, so it's awesome that you're working on Act 2 in the end! Just a small question, before I spend big amounts of time searching for a way, is it at all possible to enter Byakuren's storage room during Act 1?

Hello, thanks for the feedback! As of act 1, there is no way into Byak’s storage room, but in act 2 we’re most likely going to make it accessible for various reasons. ;)

DesireDriven Act 2 Progress (April 16th, 2013)

Hello, this is your Deekay speaking. We’re not dead yet! Here’s a small preview of some things you can expect later on down the road for Act 2!


(the picture above is a work in progress, and is not final)

There’s lots of custom resources being worked on for this Act because we’re really going for an RPG-esque game this time. We’re also hard at work on the tiles, because there’s gonna be a LOT of different areas for you to explore in this act, which is why we added a new member on board to help us out with the graphics.


(the picture above is just a concept of the battle system)

To fit the RPG-esque theme, we’re changing the way the game flows and switching the battle system you got a glimpse of in Act 1 to something much different. Characters will have skills and equipment to help them in battle as well as partners and alchemizable items.

Also for those of you who haven’t played Act 1 of DesireDriven yet, you can find it by clicking this link.

captainjbear: can you make the chat client they're using ? sorry to bother you guys but it looks kinda cool !

Preachbums is based off of Skype, which unfortunately doesn’t support skinning. ALTHOUGH, if Skype ever does one day start support skinning, we’ll be sure to make a Preachbums skin for it. ;)